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We are located in Paulden, AZ and take in unwanted animals and animals that are no longer able to stay with their current owners.


​We started by taking in our rescue cats and dogs. We then added a Rabbit to our little zoo. We  have 2 horses in foster care and 2 on site. We have taken in ducks, goats, rabbits, ect. Some have been adopted, some have passed on and we are here to help as many as we can. We have many more animals we want to help that are on our waiting list.


​Our ultimate goal is to ensure that these animals are kept from having to be put down, sold to slaughter, or live in abusive homes and instead help them find happy loving permanate forever homes. We work hard to screen all potential adopters to ensure that all animals are placed in the best home.

​We are in need of donations to help with feed, hay, and other needs of the animals. 

We accept donations by credit card or bank accounts through PayPal. Money orders are also accepted by mail and cash in person.



Get Involved

​We need volunteers to help with getting some things finished here on the ranch. Check out all we have that needs to get done. We could also use some crafts and ideas for things we could make and sell to help raise funds to support the animals.

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Click below to quickly donate $10. Any ammount is a great help.

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